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Coaching for the Caregiver

Feeling overwhelmed caring for your loved one?  Supporting aging parents, or a family member coping with depression or suffering from mental illness, is exhausting.  Learn how to REDUCE STRESS and  PREVENT BURNOUT.

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Thriving not Surviving!

Caregiver Coaching supports and empowers caregivers who are overwhelmed, often juggling a career and family demands, while caring for a loved one.

The goal of Caregiver Coaching is to improve and enhance the quality of your life.  Together we will discover solutions for your unique needs, explore ways to build and preserve healthy boundaries, and create and maintain new habits that restore balance, play and fun to your life.

Caregivers Need Care

CARING IS HARD!  Caregiver Coaching helps you find strategies for change, overcome obstacles and discover the motivation within to achieve your goals. 

  1. Coaching is a partnership, built on a relationship of trust and respect, that allows you to explore your values, wisdom, reasons for change and future possibilities. 
  2. Together we will set goals, create action plans and allow space to listen and collaborate.  This process creates balance and lasting lifestyle change.
  3. Caregiver Coaching will help you identify the challenges and blind spots that are preventing change and provide the structure and accountability to achieve your goals.
  4. Success occurs by breaking the treatment plan into bite-sized, actionable steps.  The plan you create will help overcome your resistance and discover a personal motivation for change.

Making real, lasting behavioral changes can restore joy and vitality, and Caregiver Coaching is here to support you all the way to becoming your best self.


Healthy Boundaries
Create Balance
Restore Joy

Why Pam?

Pam Thomson, owner of Caregiver Coaching, intimately understands the experience of caregiving as she has been the primary care provider for her adult daughter who suffers from a psychotic disorder.

Having previously owned and operated a biofeedback clinic, she also has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience working with clients who suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD and various mental disorders.

As a hospice volunteer for more than eight years, Pam gained extensive understanding and hands on interaction with both dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Pam is an active member of NAMI, the National Association of Mental Illness, and is currently enrolled in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program.  She is nearing graduation, having successfully completed the first eight months of training and is eager to apply her knowledge and expertise in her practice coaching clients as they progress along the path toward improved health and well-being.

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The better you feel, the better you can care for your loved one.